Edinburgh University renames David Hume tower

Burger King Goes Full On LGBT Mad!

Burger King has launched a new advertising campaign in Finland featuring its eponymous mascot sharing a deep kiss with Ronald McDonald, along with the English slogan ‘Love Conquers All’.

Churchill’s Statue Vandalised with Graffiti Again

The statue to British war-time leader Sir Winston Churchill has been vandalised with graffiti branding him “racist” yet again.

50,000 Withdraw Applications to Join The British Army

Over 50,000 potential recruits to Her Majesty’s Armed Services have withdrawn their applications in just the first half of this year after military brass ordered recruiters to target “snowflakes”, “binge gamers”, and “me me me millennials”.

Border Force Brings 223 Boat Migrants Ashore

Over 200 illegal boat migrants were brought ashore by UK Border Force on Monday, as local reports suggest more migrants landed in Kent undetected.

Natural History Museum to Review ‘Offensive’ Darwin Exhibits

In response to the iconoclastic Black Lives Matter movement, the Natural History Museum has launched a review into supposedly “offensive” and “problematic” collections, including exotic birds collected by English naturalist Charles Darwin.

Army to Spend £500,000 on ‘Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives’

Senior British Army officers are set to introduce a Diversity and Inclusion Directorate to enforce politically correct standards in the forces and will hire a team of equality specialists to carry out the woke initiative.

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