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Whitty Comes Clean - a Bit

Immigration breaks all records

Yet again, we see the scale of the Tory immigration betrayal. UK net migration figures hit an all-time record of more than half-a-million people last year. The figure is worked out by taking away the number of people who came to Britain to those who left. The figure for leavers was also over half-a-million. So the true figure for immigration in 2022 was a staggering 1.1 million, according to official Office for National Statistics figures.

Since many of those emigrating are native Brits fleeing the elite's multi-racial paradise, that means a population replacement pushing one-and-a half million in just a year. Add in the impact of elderly Brits dying in huge numbers as the Boomer generation begins to die off in earnest, while huge numbers of new babies are born to parents of immigrant stock, and you begin to get an idea of the frightening speed at which Great Britain is becoming a foreign place.

Bible "no longer appropriate" to quote in Britain

Energy Crisis - Blame the Elite, Not Putin!

Privatisation - The Bill Arrives

"The privatisation of profits and the nationalisation of losses". That's how cynics see the result of forty years of 'free market reforms'. Whether carried out by Thatcher, Blair, Theresa May or any of the other criminal Prime Ministers of the era, the result is always the same: Gigantic short-term profits for the already mega-rich, with the long-term bill being picked up by millions of ordinary Brits.

The 'reform' of 2018, which opened up our electricity system for greedy spivs posing as energy suppliers is now turning out to be no different to all the rest.

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