Sheffield Choir axed for being 'too white'

Sheffield Cathedral has disbanded their 40 strong choir for being too white.

Cathedral officials claim 'significant change' was needed to replace white choirists for singers from 'mixed urban community'.

The choir was predominantly made up of private school students from the area and a handful of adult singers.

The Rev Canon Keith Farrow, the cathedral's vice dean and canon missioner, said they are aware of the 'shock' and 'sense of grief' this will cause to the choir members.

Children who have been dedicated to the choir will now be told - in a letter to their parents - that they are no longer welcome.

Rev Farrow said: 'The chapter was unanimous that we needed a new start where we could look at a choir and a music department that would reach even more people..'

For centuries, the young faces of choirboys and girls in white ruffs have been part of church culture.

Choristers are often coached by expert music masters at fee-paying schools attached to cathedrals and churches, and perform exquisite choral music, often in Latin.

However Sheffield Cathedral wants to bin this tradition and is disbanding its choir in order to make a “completely fresh start” with a new team of choristers that reflects and engages with a diverse city.

The sudden axing has angered choristers’ parents and infuriated traditionalists in the Church of England and classical music circles. 

Many Christians belonging to the Church of England fear modernisation could jettison centuries-old traditions they believe are the essence of the church: choral music, clerical dress, ancient buildings, rituals and liturgy.

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Showing 14 comments

  • Fnaire Otter
    commented 2020-08-11 19:11:58 +0100
    Absolutely shameful. Imagine if they had axed a choir for being too black. There would be riots.
  • Aaron Phillips
    commented 2020-08-11 15:45:25 +0100
    England is a white country. There’s no such thing as too white.
  • john tutton
    commented 2020-08-08 22:08:58 +0100
    To see that Church creature in his pious pose whilst practising sheer RACISM makes me sick to my stomach . Gospel music is emotionally based with outward expression the Latin based choral liturgy is a drawing inwards to Contemplation and Inner quiet, two very different directions, but I suppose considerations of this nature matter little to virtue signalling fools like this " Reverend ".
  • Steven Berk
    commented 2020-08-07 04:52:43 +0100
    Unbelievable. No rights in our own country. It’s not fair. (can’t put down my actual comment, I’ll get suspended).
  • Rosemarie Birkett
    commented 2020-08-06 14:12:36 +0100
    The BLM and it’s supporters have set racial harmony back years. They have increased racial tension and hardened the attitudes of millions. Idiotic moves like this, at a time when church attendances are at its lowest, will hardly help the cause. BAME people are not in choirs because in the majority of cases it is not their religion. Secondly they are just not interested.ĺ
  • Terence Hall
    commented 2020-08-06 13:39:05 +0100
    Great, Jerusalem in rap. Probably not enough young boys.
  • Ange Paget
    commented 2020-08-06 12:43:25 +0100
    I dont know what’s happening to everybody. ‘Too white’
    This is all gonna go tits up. A lot of people need to grow a pair instead of letting bullies.choose the way. What country are we In?? Oh yeah England!!??
  • Billy Donaldson
    commented 2020-08-06 10:59:39 +0100
    The loony left liberal clergy have lost the plot and they wonder why there are not so many bums on seats these days. My church of choice has a female and a two black elders, they are there on merit and loyalty to the church not on political correctness.
  • Rosemarie Birkett
    commented 2020-08-06 09:11:46 +0100
    Would other faiths do this of course they wouldn’t. What a narrow minded Bishop
  • Val Dootson
    commented 2020-08-06 08:50:09 +0100
    Now look! This is reverse racism! What about gospel choirs? This is so wrong! We are being trodden down!
  • Joan Carr
    commented 2020-08-05 23:31:38 +0100
    Disgusting why do have to cow down th those people you cant get rid of a ful choir if you want to add other ethnic children so be it but to say there to white and they have to go this is an absolute disgrace we are being bullied they run around the country attacking white people and they get rewarded there are other ways of dealing with things but you have failed you should hang your head in shame .
  • Michael Hopkins
    commented 2020-08-05 13:25:20 +0100
    Supposing nobody of colour applies to join the choir? I can only logically assume this is the case now, as I’m certain they wouldn’t have been turned away had they done so. You can’t force people to join if they’re just not interested. Somewhat absurd and unfair to just completely disband the current choir.
  • Frank Wyboston
    commented 2020-08-02 15:41:39 +0100
    It is no surprise that congregations are slowly disappearing. The road to the destruction of the church of England is paved with political correctness.
  • Clivey Smith
    commented 2020-08-02 15:10:57 +0100
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