Charlie Hebdo Director Flees Home Due to Death Threats

The Human Resources director of Charlie Hebdo has been forced to flee her home after receiving death threats as the trial for the January 2015 terror attack against the French satirical magazine continues.

TV Show On ‘Body Positivity’ Shows Children Naked Adults

The Danish television programme Ultra Strips Down has come under fire for having adults parade their nude bodies in front of children, some as young as seven.

Rotherham: Two Men Arrested in Connecting to Grooming Gang Abuse

Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has made another two arrests connected to the abuse of nine girls in the grooming gang hotspot of Rotherham.

Govt to Penalise Schools Which Don’t Teach Children LGBT Propaganda

New EU Measures Could Force Migrant Redistribution

Bonkers Britain: Neighbour Calls Police on Wake

EU Reveals New Immigration Plan...It Isn't Good!

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