Churchill’s Statue Vandalised with Graffiti Again

The statue to British war-time leader Sir Winston Churchill has been vandalised with graffiti branding him “racist” yet again.

The plinth the two-time prime minister’s monument stands on was defaced amid a “big [Extinction Rebellion] presence” near the Palace of Westminster, according to the Guido Fawkes political blog.

Protesters told Guido Fawkes they “saw a ‘young kid’ running away from the statue a few minutes ago before being arrested” by police, who reportedly has “an even larger police presence in Parliament Square” that XR.

The environmental extremist group has increasingly incorporated race politics into its messaging in recent months, with the ongoing Black Lives Matter disorder having elevated racial grievances above climate alarmism as the leftist cause of choice in recent months.

Earlier this month, for example, the group organised a “reparations rebellion” and demanded the British Museum be converted into the “British Museum of Slavery and Empire”.

Churchill’s statue was repeatedly vandalised by Black Lives Matter supporters during earlier, unlawful demonstrations, called after the death of George Floyd on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, culminating in his imprisonment within a coffin-like grey box, along with monuments to several other historic Britons and the likes of Mahatma Gandhi.

Activists also vandalised the Cenotaph, erected to the memory of the fallen from Britain and the British Empire and Commonwealth in the wake of the First World War, with one person even going so far as to clamber on top of the memorial and attempt to set the British flag hanging from it on fire.

Very few people, if any, appear to have been prosecuted for damaging monuments and memorials in Britain, with the Cenotaph arson suspect having been arrested but repeatedly bailed.

In contrast a right-wing counter-protester who urinated beside a small memorial to Police Constable Keith Palmer, seemingly unwittingly, was arrested, charged, convicted, and imprisoned within a matter of days.

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