Cops vs "The Community"

Britain's PC cops often irritate us but, to be fair, officers do have a difficult job to do. Particularly when members of a certain crime-ridden "community" start whining about police harassment. A typical example took place in East London a couple of days ago.

Lights Off - Knives Out!

What's going to happen in 'diverse' London, 'vibrant' Birmingham and all our other 'enriched' cities and towns when the political elite's green agenda and self-harming Ukraine sanctions cause the lights to go out this winter?

West London got a sneak preview last night when the lights went out in an over-crowded asylum centre.

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UK Government to take over abortion services in Northern Ireland

Convicted paedophiles are working for police forces across the UK

24 Men in Bradford Charged with Rape & Sex Attacks on one 13-yr-old girl

Five foreigners granted bail despite smuggling illegal immigrants into UK

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