Beneath Contempt!

The ruling elite treat the people whose ancestors built this country. Many of the newcomers they've shipped in to replace us treat us with contempt as well.

But, looking at the pictures and reading reports like this on the behaviour of many young (and not so young) Brits on Good Friday, is it any wonder? For have we not, collectively, become a most contemptible people?

Faith, decorum, decency and modesty have been thrown trampled into the gutter, along with a sea of urine, vomit and used condoms. While our people sink into an abyss of moronic, vacuous hedonism, our ruing elite line their pockets with usury and corruption on a staggering scale, but plead poverty when veterans of their unjust wars freeze and rot and drink/drug themselves into oblivion on the mean streets of our filthy cities.

If you don't like people treating you with contempt, stop being contemptible. It's as simple as that!

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