'Mother' and 'Father' Outlawed!

A language guide ­advising Scots to stop using words such as 'mother' and 'father' to avoid being 'oppressive' has been ­published by a taxpayer-funded aid organisation.

Scotland's International Development Alliance (SIDA) is behind the document, which it says aims to help people 'avoid bias, stop re­inforcing existing power structures, and convey respect'.

Among the words listed as 'problematic' are 'girls', 'guys', 'mother' and 'father', Instead, people are encouraged to instead use 'parent' or 'guardian' along with 'colleagues' and 'everyone'.

Critics say the guide is a way for 'red-pencil wielding zealots' to enforce 'radical progressive dogma'.

The charity, which 'inclusively champions global sustainable development in Scotland', receives an annual grant from the Scottish Government.

It advises against saying 'foreign aid' as it claims this 'paternalistic language implies an unequal power relationship marked by altruism which denies the unjust distribution of resources that defines that dynamic'. A better phrase, it suggests, would be 'social development finance'.

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