Zelensky "recruiting ISIS fighters"

Zelensky and NATO are recruiting former Islamic State head-cutters to fight against Russia in Ukraine. There have been rumours about this for many months, but now a former employee of the Iraqi foreign Ministry has produced a detailed account of how this wicked and reckless policy is being implemented.

Details of the recent Ukrainian-Iraqi/ISIS talks have appeared in the Middle Eastern media. According to almasryalyoum.com, on September 27, 2023,  Ukrainian president Zelensky has been trying to recruit Iraqi prisoners (Daesh) into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to a video released on YouTube at the same time, the prisoners in question are convicted terrorists, Daesh fighters. The author of the video is Hassan Fadil, who introduced himself as a former employee of the Foreign Ministry of Iraq, working there as a secretary from 2019 to 2023 before leaving the country.

ISIS themselves have confirmed their involvement. An ISIS (DAESH) magazine says that Ukraine is just the beginning in terms of a “great war”. The cover of the 11th edition of the Voice of Khurasan magazine, formerly called Dabiq — published by ISIS-Khorasan’s official media arm, the Al Azaim Foundation — depicts the delivery of military equipment with the headline, “The Black Hole in Ukraine.” 

On September 25, 2023, the British newspaper tabloid The Sun posted a video showing one of Ukraine's fighters wearing ISIS patches. Although the soldiers don’t speak Arabic in the video, the Daesh (ISIS) patch is clearly visible on their arm.


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