You'll Own Nothing and Feel Pain

Gas and air pain relief, and anaesthetic gas in all operations is to be BANNED by the NHS. The latest example of climate madness is opposed by many medical experts but is being rammed through nonetheless. Perhaps the WEF should change their headline slogan to "You'll own nothing and feel lots of pain".

The ban on anaesthetic gas in UK hospitals will come into effect early next year in an attempt to meet net zero targets - despite a top scientist claiming the move is 'not supported by climate science'. 

Some anaesthetists believe the planned ban will unnecessarily restrict what can be given to patients undergoing surgery. 

According to NHS England desflurane has a global warming potential 2,500 times greater than carbon dioxide. The health service has said the ban will help to reduce 'harmful emissions' and there are 'safe and clinically effective alternatives' already in use.

At a major conference of anaesthetists, Professor Dame Julia Slingo argued the 'decommissioning' of desflurane should be reversed because it's use should be based on what's best for the patient. 

During her keynote speech at the Association of Anaesthetists annual conference, Prof Dame Slingo said: 'Anaesthetic gases have a vanishing[ly] small effect ... lifetimes are too short and concentrations too low. They have no climate impact.'

Comments by Prof Dame Slingo - the Met Office's former chief scientist who led a team of more than 500 scientists - were welcomed by a series of anaesthetists working in the NHS who have concerns the drug will only be available in 'exceptional clinical circumstances'.

Dr Nick Fletcher, a consultant anaesthetist in London, told The Telegraph that this particular anaesthetic is useful for cases such as 'super-obese patients'. Perhaps killing off  very fat people is particularly important to the globalists. After all, they contain more carbon than the rest of us......

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