World Ignores Plight of Christian Armenian Refugees

A major refugee crisis is happening on the edge of Europe, but because the victims are Christians, no-one in power seems to give a damn.

Huge columns of refugees are already fleeing the advancing army and Islamist militias of Azerbaijan, which has openly adopted a policy of ethnic cleansing of the majority Christian region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The situation has similarities with thee way in which the NATO powers threw the Christian Serbs of Kosovo under the Albanian Islamist bus. If any Christian nation dares to get tough with Islamist terrorists and separatists, the full weight of Western 'world opinion' and then arms is brought to bear on them, but when Christians are forced at gunpoint from their ancestral homes, the political elite turn a blind eye.

If you think that this is all a long way away, and that it therefore has nothing to do with you, ask yourself this: How long before we see similar scenes here in the West? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Everyone knows it's coming, the only question is, 'when?'

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