Why Reform Will Not Save Britain

"Reform will save us", is the naive patriot chatter on social media. But it's NONSENSE!

The  right-of-centre party is now getting all giddy about being on 12% in the polls, but the BNP hit 22% in a nationwide poll run for the Sunday Times in the week immediately after Nick Griffin's widely publicised Question Time appearance, so Reform has a very long way to go even to match that - and of course the BNP was never able to get a single MP elected to Westminster.

But far more important than the chances of electoral victory is the question of what Reform would do with political power even if, by some ballot box miracle, they were elected (and not simply banned, as is now being proposed for the AfD in Germany).

The screenshot here, taken from Reform's own official X account, shows the shocking truth. Reform boasts of its "One in, one out" immigration policy. 

What would that mean in real life? Well, About 500,000 people leave the UK permanently every year. A few of those are non-white immigrants leaving, rather more are Poles going back home having made enough money here to set up a business back in Poland. But the vast majority are indigenous Brits, either retiring in the sun or emigrating in the hope of a new life with fewer 'ethnic' neighbours, lower taxes and better weather.

So roughly half-a-million white people (Brits or very similar Christian Europeans) leave the country every year. Reform would allow 500,000 extra immigrants - almost all of them from the Third World - to come in every year to 'balance' that. So Reform would happily preside over an annual population change of ONE MILLION. And that's before even taking into account the internal demographic shift as elderly native Brits die and fast-breeding immigrant communities replace them.

Far from being a party with policies which would save Britain, Reform would oversee the continued darkening of Britain, a real 'Great Replacement', while lulling naive voters into a false sense of hope and security for a few more years. Tice's operation is just another elite safety valve, just another grift. If you really want to save Britain, you have to understand that there is no political road. To be part of the long term fight back, you have to have children, lots of them, or find ways to support young Brits who do. Demographics is destiny!


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