Wellingborough - Another Election Farce

Wellingborough: Another Election Farce

A by-election is due to take place in Wellingborough after yet ANOTHER pervert MP was exposed.
Nominations haven't opened for the election yet, but a number of people have already thrown their hat in the ring.
But, here’s the thing - this election is just another TOTAL FARCE.
Worst of all, the majority of people who have announced that they are standing know they have ZERO CHANCE of winning this election.
You might wonder how I can be so certain about this, well apart from having over a decade of experience, you only need to look at recent election results (like the 2019 General Election and 2023 Local Elections) to know that the system is rigged.
So, why would these smaller parties bother to stand when they know they CANNOT win the seat?
That’s a good question, and frankly, it’s one we should seriously be asking them. Is this about ego? Is it for the publicity? Is it for the fundraising? 
Whatever the answer, it is totally dishonest for any of the 'fringe' Candidates to suggest that they can win this seat.
This is a two horse race. Look at the stats from the last election in Wellingborough, the Tories won by a landslide:
Given the state of the Conservative government right now, it’s likely that Labour will make significant gains, but it is IMPOSSIBLE for any of the smaller 'right-wing' parties to win - BECAUSE THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED... AND THEY ALL KNOW IT!
I'm not telling you this to make you depressed and deflated, like you might as well give up I am telling you this because I want our people to RISE UP!
We are all grown ups, we don't need to be lied to and given false hope of a 'Patriotic Right-wing Government' that can NEVER happen, we need REAL solutions...
We are the ONLY party offering REAL solutions to help people!
Support our 'Boycott Elections Campaign' by choosing from one of the following options:
BFP are the ONLY party in the UK to be upfront and honest about the futility of standing in elections - we ONLY use them as an opportunity to reach OUR people with our hard-hitting message:
The electoral system in the UK is corrupt and rigged against us - time to fight back!
We have printed Election Campaign Postcards telling people the TRUTH about the corrupt system and offering them ways to make real changes to resist The Great Reset.
If the people of Britain want change, then it is the people who must make changes - we have all seen time and time again that voting changes NOTHING!
So, instead of wasting time and money on contesting elections that we know for a fact CANNOT be won, we have found a way to provide real help to people who want to break free from the tyranny and evil agendas....
These Free postcards are sent in bundles of approx 100, all you pay is postage and packaging (UK only).
If you are unable to distribute these postcards yourself, but would still like to play your part in boycotting these corrupt elections, please click the button below to support the campaign.
This enables us to get postcards delivered straight to the homes of people our activists cannot reach!
Yours sincerely,
Jayda Fransen, BFP Leader
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