Vikings Commemorated by Royal Mail

Every British institution has been hijacked by woke leftists, so we've come to expect nothing but anti-British racism and contempt for our culture from them. But, just for once, a major institution is making a point of celebrating a piece of British history and heritage

A new set of stamps being issued by the Royal Mail features not the Windrush, gay rights or climate change, but stunning artwork and photographs about our Viking heritage

The eight stamps feature Viking artefacts and locations of significance from around the UK. These include an iron, silver and copper sword, a silver penny minted in York, silver and bronze brooches, an antler comb and case from Coppergate, York, and a Hogback gravestone from Govan Old, Glasgow.

The release of the collection also marks 40 years since the Jorvik Viking Centre opened in York. The Jorvik Centre has had more than 20 million visitors since it opened in 1984.

David Jennings, chief executive of York Archaeology, the charity that operates Jorvik Viking Centre, said: 'The finds at Coppergate fundamentally changed our understanding of how the Vikings lived in England, and Jorvik Viking Centre put York's Norse heritage on the international map.

'After over 40 years, and with over 20 million visitors passing through our doors, it is a real honour to be featured on these stamps and be part of this unique celebration of Viking culture.'

The pagan Vikings were actually a pagan intrusion - and often a violent one at that - into British history, but they still remain an important part of our culture and heritage, with enormous influence on, for example, our language. So to have them commemorated in this way is a welcome break from the Establishment's usual attitude to everything British. Watch out for the stamps!

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