US teens set example for Brits

All sorts of destructive ideas reach Britain from the USA, but sometimes good gtrends emerge Stateside too - and here's one of them. Teenage boys with more sense than their teachers! Whoever would have thought it possible? But in a West gone mad, it's actually happening.

At Brookfield High School in Connecticut, for example, Principal Marc Balanda was enraged at an act of “vandalism” that occurred in the boys’ bathrooms. At 9:30 AM on January 24, a tampon dispenser had been installed in the boys’ bathroom. By 9:52, it had been torn off the wall and chucked onto the floor, leaving tampons lying all over the place. The dispenser had been installed due to a Connecticut state law mandating that free menstrual products be provided in at least one male bathroom in each high school to accommodate students who identify as “transgender” or intersex. 

The principal was livid. “I am aware that the law says ‘men’s bathroom,’ but the actions today that led to vandalism and the destruction of property were the work of immature boys, not men,” Balanda wrote in a letter to students and staff obtained by a news outlet. “Use your words to start a dialogue rather than using your hands to destroy something.” He also noted that he was disgusted. 

Of course, the last thing that liberals like Balanda are willing to allow is 'dialogue' which would allow sensible pupils to point out the utter absurdity and obscenity of the whole transgender movement.

A Canadian high school student was expelled from school for articulating what were once utterly banal views about the sex binary after being arrested and removed by police. Libera-left “dialogue” is actually a one-way monologue, which only once acceptable outcome. 

That's why liberal acts of aggression, such as the installation of tampon machines in boys' toilets, or signs allowing males to enter girls' bathrooms, are increasingly - and justly - being met with direct action. Normality and decency are under attack, so normal and decent Christians are standing up and fighting back. Brits should take note, because resistance to evil is a good and necessary thing, and there are few things more evil and ungodly than the trans mania!

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