Unelected Lords Betray Britain

The Tory plan to send some illegal migrants to Rwanda is inadequate. The vast majority of illegals enter the country through airports with tourist visas, so the Dover dinghies crisis is something of a red herring.

But at least the Rwanda scheme would send out a message that Britain isn't a total Soft Touch. And it is clear that, for millions of Britons, the eye-catching gesture has become the focus of their hopes that the government would finally at least try to do SOMETHING to protest our borders.

But before they have even seen the proposal, senior peers have said they will vote down the emergency legislation promised by the Prime Minister.

Mr Sunak wants to declare the east African country a safe destination for asylum seekers and so assuage concerns set out in this week's Supreme Court verdict that the Rwanda plan is "unlawful".

The new Bill would deal this by specifically declaring the plan to be within the law and by ratifying the agreement with Rwanda to house asylum-seekers there.

A stalemate now looms, with the legislation going back and forth between the Commons, where the Government has a majority, and the Lords, where it does not. With the left-leaning House of Lords set to reject the Bill, the plan would go into limbo until after the next General Election.

For the Lords to deliberately flout the very clear wishes of the majority of British people is to highlight yet again the deep failings of our supposedly 'democratic' system. Just as with Brexit, we the people vote, and they the liberal elite then ignore us. What a farce!

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