ULEZ Hunting Ground for Muggers

Sadiq Khan's ULEZ traffic scheme is turning some streets in London into havens for muggers targeting school children. Teachers have been patrolling a 'ghost town' low traffic neighbourhood where gangs of thieves have been targeting pupils on the unnaturally quiet streets. 

Staff at Bishop Thomas Grant school in Streatham, south London have been walking streets adjacent to school which has been rated as Outstanding by Ofsted inspectors.  

The secondary school is inside the Streatham Wells LTN which was introduced by the Labour-controlled Lambeth Council in October 2023. 

According to The Telegraph, the impact on public transport is so severe that teachers are forced to stand on street to protect pupils from gangs patrolling the streets near the school. 

Head teacher Bernadette Boyle told the paper the LTN had created a 'ghost town' complaining that delays on public transport are leaving pupils late for school, while others have been targeted by gangs. 

Ms Boyle said: 'I sent a letter to Lambeth, and the local schools police sergeant, as we saw an increase in our students being mugged on ‘ghost town’ roads as they walked towards the [Streatham] High Road to try to get on buses which do not come.

'We regularly patrol the local area after school… As is the case on many occasions, the children wait nearly an hour for a bus to get home."

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