ULEZ Driving Mass Civil Disobedience

The persecution and exploitation of motorists through ULEZ and similar schemes is driving millions of decent Brits to become camera-dodging 'criminals'. P p to two million British motorists could be doctoring their number plates to avoid being caught out by the cameras designed to enforce Ulez zones and speed limits, a police investigation has suggested. 

A report prepared for British ministers by Tony Porter, the former surveillance camera commissioner, has revealed that 6% of cars had some sort of technology to defeat automated number plate recognition [ANPR] cameras. 

The study, conducted from an ANPR camera trained on a dual carriageway in Gatwick found that 41 out of 683 number plates used some kind of anti-ANPR tech.

If this were extrapolated to the rest of the country, then one-in-fifteen UK vehicles may have some kind of anti-ANPR tech.  

He also pointed to another study which found that 40% of taxis and private hire cars had some sort of ANPR-defeating technology.  

Fake number plates can be bought for as little as £10 from any of the 40,000 largely unregulated sellers while reflective 'stealth' tape to make plates invisible to ANPR infrared cameras can be purchased online for just £80. 

Their use is set to rise rapidly following the expansion of Ulez in London, as well as the overall growth of ANPR across the country. 

Such large-scale dodging of the cameras comes on top of the widespread campaign of physical destruction being waged by rather more militant motorists. The activists have enormous public support.

Laws and regulations are necessary to any civilised society, so it is very dangerous when the Powers That Be impose laws which are so unpopular and unjustifiable that they provoke mass civil disobedience. Pushing good people into regularly breaking the law undermines respect not just for bad laws but also legitimate ones. So while we sympathise with everyone resisting the petty tyranny of socialist creeps like Sadiq Khan, we regard it as a shame that people are driven to such measures. As with so many of their other policies, the political elite need to back off and listen to the people whose taxes pay their wages!

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