UK spent 'at least £8million' to lengthen Newquay runway so Joe Biden could land in Air Force One for G7 summit

It has been revealed that the UK splashed out more than £7.8million on extending the runway at Newquay airport to ensure that Joe Biden could land Air Force One.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill, jetted into Cornwall Airport, Newquay shortly before 11.45pm on Wednesday. 

The skies over Cornwall have been far busier than usual in recent days as world leaders and their entourages have been arriving in the county for the G7 summit which will run from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th June.

Their grand arrival was only made possible after the UK Government allocated millions of pounds to make sure the airport could cope with the large jet. 

The cash for lengthening the runway was made available by the UK Government after the local council warned the existing facilities would be unable to cope with the 'needs of the aircraft types that will be arriving'.  

A total budget of £13million had been made available to ensure Air Force One could land at the strip. 

The financial details of facilitating Biden's grand entry into the UK came after reports the cost of policing the G7 summit could be more than £70m.

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