UK Baby Killings - the Deadly Truth

Evil nurse Lucy Letby murdered seven innocent babies. The hated monster faces life in prison and is rightly one of the most detested individuals in the country.

But the hypocrisy of the media and political elite over the murder of defenceless babies is staggering. In 2021 alone, the number of babies murdered by abortionists in the United Kingdom was 228.071. A further 4,577 were poisoned to death or torn apart alive in the Republic of Ireland. Where is the justice and compassion for these little ones?

Letby’s youngest victim was born at just 23 weeks’ gestation, which is under the legal abortion limit.” Judge Goss described Letby’s murders as a “cruel, calculated and cynical campaign of child murder” and noted that the babies she killed were “extremely vulnerable” and “fragile.” 

Yet the youngest victims could have been legally killed under the U.K.’s abortion laws. Such a late-term abortion would have been even more barbaric than Letby’s poisoning. Imagine the horror and outcry if Letby had murdered that baby by tearing off its arms and legs, and then sucking its brains from its head.......

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