Trouble Is - He's Right!

A plane passenger from hell who shouted 'white children are easy to rape' has been jailed for 14 months after drunkenly hurling racist and misogynistic abuse towards women on two flights back to Britain. 

During the flight Riaz was seen drunkenly shadow boxing in the aisles and punching the seats.

When he was subsequently thrown off the plane, he unleashed a vile foul mouthed tirade at a female Border Force official, saying: 'You f***ing b**** I bet you didn't get your leg over last night. You need a good s**g.'

And as he was led away to the cells Riaz shouted: 'F*** you slag - I'll punch your f***ing head in'.

Then as he was placed in a police van, went on: 'No wonder it's so easy for us to rape your white children - you're all a bunch of p******. You f***ing s***s, fat-a*** c****. White woman are easy to rape. White children are easy to rape because white men are p******.'

Father-of-three Mohammed Shiraz Riaz, 42, called one air stewardess a'f…ing white b****' during a nightmare journey from Marrakesh, Morocco, before later biting a policeman and leaving him with teeth marks on his arm.

After he was arrested and bailed to face trial, car valeter Riaz booked a flight to Istanbul in Turkey and on the way back hurled a torrent of sexist and racist abuse towards cabin crew, fellow passengers, police and female airport officials.

The creep should be deported, but the sad thing is that he's right. A million of our girls were gang-raped, and it's still going on. But apart from a few brave individuals and one much-demonised political party which was crushed by the weight of the entire 'British' Establishment, non-one has done anything about it. "P*ssies" indeed!

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