Trans vs Terf Wars Latest

It's DMs and sex toys at dawn! The simmering feud between feminists and lesbians on one side and hulking male perverts posing as women on the other is getting ever closer to boiling point.

The latest example is an ugly online spat between Yorkshire punk singer Louise Distras and a rock DJ who's as masculine as the name Andy Hailliley would lead you to expect - even though he does wear a dress and has changed his Christian name to Andi.

30 years in the army, including service trying to kill Iraqis in Tony Blair's revolting war, mean that 'Andi' is more than slightly rough looking these days. and despite leaving HM Forces  he's still fond of posing with guns.  "trans is the new black", so woman-abusing freaks like 'Andi' can threaten mere feminists as much as they like, and Britain's finest simply look the other way.

All of which hasn't left Louise in a particularly happy frame of mind, as the outraged tweet you see here shows very well. Just another case of how "the revolution eats it own children". Truly, they deserve each other.

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