Tory Council Asylum Shock for Pensioners

An elderly couple have been left horrified after receiving a letter from an overwhelmingly Conservative council trying to force them out of their £200,000 home in order to house asylum seekers.

Jose, 76, and Ted Saunders, 78, moved into their property recently, just before a compulsory purchase letter came through the letter box.

The couple say they are “insulted and shocked” by the letter from North Northamptonshire Council.

Jose, a retired carer, told the Daily Mail: “The idea of forcing us to sell it to make room for refugees and asylum seekers seems totally wrong.”

She added: “What on earth is the council doing forcing people to sell their houses – and even an empty house is owned by someone – so that asylum seekers can live in them?”

The letter sent to the Saunders, which was headed “Empty properties and sites initiative”, said: “We are writing as we have reason to believe that the above-named premises… is empty or unused.

“The Government has identified empty privately-owned properties as a potential cause of blight within communities, and as a wasted resource at time of high housing need.”



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