Time Bomb Britain Ticking Away

We're sitting on an Islamist terror time-bomb - and it's ticking down to explode. The last few days have seen deadly 'amateur' Jihad attacks in both France and Belgium. But anyone who thinks that Muslim terror attacks are a problem only for other countries has another think coming.

The sight of Israeli warplanes killing thousands of civilians in Gaza may not bother many people Westerners, but to Muslims everywhere it's an outrage, and our governments' insistence on "standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel" and continuing to supply the Zionist state with weapons puts us right in the firing line.

Every day that the brutal conflict in Gaza continues with Western support, more young Muslim migrants will be 'radicalised' and think about turning to violent attacks here, in support of their "brothers and sisters" over there. It's all rather ironic given the fact that Jewish community organisations and NGOs have for decades been at the forefront of the drive to encourage mass immigration into every Western country.

That mass immigration was never in our national interest, and it is even less so now that our liberal political elite is hell-bent on dragging us into yet another bloody foreign war that has nothing to do with us (except that similar miscalculations by top politicians more than a hundred years ago helped create thee whole Israel/Palestinian quarrel in the first place).

When the terror attacks spread here, as they surely will, the reaction of many people will be simply to blame the killers. Of course, they will be to blame, but too will be those who have driven them to such hatred with generations of oppression, torture and murder of the Palestinians in their own homeland. As will the political and media elite whose lies and corruption have made our countries accomplices to the whole horror.

The sooner we detach ourselves from it all, the better. It's not our quarrel, so why should it swallow up our taxes or put us in the frontline in someone else's war? Let's face it, neither side has ever done anything good for us, and both sides have, in their very different ways, done us plenty of harm. So leave them to it, and keep their squabbles and bombs off our streets!

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