TikTok Ban - YOU Are the Real Target

The US political elite is pushing through a ban on Chinese-owned TikTok. Urged on by 'American' social media giants such as Facebook, Meta and Google, and by neocon and Zionist lobby groups, the Biden regime is poised to grab the power to seize any social media platform is alleges is an "agent of foreign interest".

If this massive assault on freedom becomes law in the USA, it won't be long before the same guilty elites try to roll it out in Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe.

A lot of people may think this doesn't affect them, as they're not Chinese and think that TikTok is only an App, and only for the young, but this is very wrong. In the words of one of the few opponents of the proposal, Republican Senator Thomas Massie:

"The so-called TikTok ban is a Trojan horse. The President will be given the power to ban WEB SITES, not just Apps."

Independent President candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. also called the bill a Trojan horse, adding that it would give the President the power to ban any App or website he claims is "owned or GUIDED" by a foreign entity.

It isn't just the USA, of course. The entire 'Western' elite are horrified by the extent to which the Internet - despite massive censorship of most social media platforms - remains the driver of awareness of their various evil schemes and actions. From resistance to the Covid tyranny and the fake Climate emergency, through to opposition to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, it's social media and the proliferation of websites such as this which are breaking the legacy media's hold on the narrative.

The TikTok ban proposal is central to the elite's desperate efforts to take back control. Every freedom-lover in the world must oppose it and - if it goes through - seek for ways to circumvent and subvert it.

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