Terrorist Freed to Stalk Our Streets

An east Londoner that was convicted for terror offences has been released from prison, despite warnings that he remains 'dangerous'.

Muslim convert Shamim Ahmed, 30, of Shadwell, was sentenced to six years in prison in June 2017.

He had travelled to Turkey in an attempt to join the Islamic State in Syria in 2016. He had then been on a suspended prison sentence for having threatened to attack a French bookshop in west London that was selling the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

During his sentencing hearing, he wagged his fingers at the presiding judge and muttered kuffar, or term meaning non-believer. He subsequently yelled: 'Wage Jihad, wherever we are – target the civilians, tourist sites, inshallah [God willing].'

Before he was removed from the court, Mr Ahmed then threatened to punch a dock officer and warned the judge: 'Give me twenty years, I'll come out the enemy.'

He has now been freed, despite warnings that he remains a danger to the public.

He was released in October 2022, but was recalled the prison nine days later following 'concerns about his behaviour'.

His release bid in June 2023 was blocked by the Parole Board, with the reasoning given that Mr Ahmed 'remains a radicalised person and would continue to pose a risk in the community.'

The Ministry of Justice was unable to prevent Ahmed being freed following the completion of his sentence. So now he stalks the streets of London, a time-bomb just waiting to go off...... "We must be mad. Literally mad...."

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