Síol na hÉireann's Niall McConnell speaks to Jayda Fransen

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  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 04:06:58 +0100
    Ireland is turning into a SHITHOLE because they are allowing third world trash to ruin beautiful Ireland. The traitors allowing this to happen should be hanged for being a traitor.
  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 04:04:59 +0100
    Under sharia a woman is a SLUT if she shows any skin at all. God forbid a muzzrat gets exited if you show your ankles. F islam.
  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 04:00:15 +0100
    Muzzrats are evil.
  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 03:58:18 +0100
    Poor Luton has turned into a SHITHOLE curtesy of islam.
  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 03:48:28 +0100
    Thank you Jayda for exposing these vile disgusting Moslem scum.
  • Vicki Coghlan
    commented 2020-05-10 03:47:21 +0100
    Love Ireland but they need to exit the EU like Britain.
    I went to Ireland when they had there Irish punt currency, now they’ve got that vile disgusting currency called the euro.
    Live Irish politics but too many lefties ruining nationalism in Ireland. Fuck shin fein, fuck ira.
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