Shield Your Kids From This Anti-Human Poison!

"Evil white men try to destroy a beautiful planet and its noble indigenous people - it's what you do, so the sooner you go vegan, give up technology (except over-priced 3D movies) and either give up having kids or only have them with Africans, the better it will be for Mother Earth". That's the anti-human, and more specifically, anti-White, message that howls out of Avatar: The Way of Water.

In a staggering 3 hours 12 minutes of heavy-handed, bladder-straining propaganda, director James Cameron uses every trick in the book to indoctrinate impressionable youngsters with self-hatred and loathing for our civilisation.

Needless to say, the manipulated reviews of the corporate media scene are all fawning over the new release, but a few brave outliers have pointed out that, beyond its basic, racist hatred of European achievement and identity, the film has no real plot and atrociously weak and cheesy dialogue.

The visuals are stunning and - guess what - not one scrap of the technological wonder that permits such thing was invented by anyone other than Cameron's hated targets. James Cameron is an atheist, a vegan crank and a fanatical supporter of the illegitimate Democrat regime in the Washington. If you take your kids to see this anti-white, anti-human, guilt trip, then don't be surprised when they turn out to be blue-haired, vegetarian, asylum-seeker-loving crackpots in a few years time. It's what the Hollywood mind-rot machine does!

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