Senate Hearing Bombshell on Vaxx DNA Scandal

The dam is surely breaking! Every day now brings fresh revelations and confirmation that many of the so-called 'conspiracy theories' about Covid, lockdowns and forced vaccination were true all along.

Just this week we've had official confirmation that the Vaxx has permanently altered the DNA of many if not all of its victims, that it did give many women extremely heavy periods, and that lockdowns were extremely harmful to the mental health and development of children.

This video is another very important piece of the jigsaw. It shows a heavyweight US medical expert explaining how alien vaxx DNA ending up permanently (and transgenerationally) in the human body. He also confirms that the company knew that this rogue DNA would end up there due to mass manufacturing short-cuts.

The video shows University of South Carolina Professor Dr. Phillip Buckhaults testifying before South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Ad-Hoc Committee. Dr. Buckhaults is very calm and controlled, his testimony is not dramatic or theatrical, but it is very convincing and extremely damning.

While most of our news stories on this page feature events in the UK, we have to say that although this is from the USA, it is a very important piece of footage. It should be making headline news right across the world, but we all know that the legacy media are still covering for the Big Pharma criminals and their politician collaborators. So please help to knock some more holes in the crumbling dam of Scamdemic lies - do pas it on!

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