Sasha Johnson on bail pending trial for racially abusing police officer

Sasha Johnson, who was shot in the head on Sunday, is being prosecuted on charges of racially harassing a police officer during a protest last year, it has emerged.

The Black Lives Matter leader was injured at 3am on Sunday morning as she attended a house party in Peckham, south London, and is currently in a critical condition.

Johnson, 27, initially appeared at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court in London on December 7 where she faced one count of causing racially aggravated intentional harassment to the officer in Brixton on August 1, 2020.

The alleged offence occurred during the 'Reparations Day' march, when BLM demonstrators occupied Windrush Square protesting against alleged racism.

Johnson was bailed to appear for trial in April 2022.

Details of her prosecution emerged as her fellow activists accused the Metropolitan Police of “exercising damage control by underestimating the severity of this incident”.

Members of her political party, Taking the Initiative Party, were angered when the police confirmed that the shooting of Sasha Johnson was not a racially motivated attack on a black activist but a gangland shooting.

Johnson was partying with gang members at 3am on Sunday morning in a garden in Peckham when she was shot in the head by a rival gang.

Following the shooting, the police confirmed that they were looking for four black males which caused embarrassment to Johnsons fellow Black Power activists who had claimed she was the victim of a planned attack due to her 'anti-racism activism'.

Further embarrassment has now been caused by the revelation that Johnson herself is due to stand trial for racism.

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