Racist African Denies Brits Even Exist

The liberal elite want to replace us in our own homelands, but some of their Third World colonists want to go even further. They're not just after our future, they're stealing our past as well. According to a new book for brainwashing children, even Stonehenge was built by "black Britons".

The illustrated book entitled Brilliant Black British History, by the Nigerian-born British author Atinuke, says “every single British person comes from a migrant” and claims that “the very first Britons were black”. 

The book, published by Bloomsbury and promoted by Arts Council-funded (i.e., your money) literacy charity The Book Trust, states that “Britain was a black country for more than 7,000 years before white people came, and during that time the most famous British monument was built, Stonehenge.”

There's no explanation as to how the hunter-gatherers who repopulated the British Isles from Spain, France and the Balkans after the last Ice could have been black. Similarly, we're not told how Neolithic farmers from the Near East could have been Africans. Likewise the Bronze Age horsemen from the southern Russian steppes, or the later Iron Age Celts.  The absurd but racist introduction merely says that “Britain has been a mostly white country for a lot less time than it has been a mostly black country”.

This is not just denying us our history, it is denying our very existence. Such marginalisation and cancelling is a step a long way down the road towards physical genocide.

Atinuke’s book, for readers aged seven-plus, takes the reader through a chronological overview of black people’s presence in Britain, saying that Cheddar Man, the oldest human remains found in Britain, had skin “as dark as dark can be”.

This, like the rest of the book, is a plain lie.

The leaders of 2018 research into Cheddar Man’s DNA said it was impossible to know with certainty how this early inhabitant looked, and other researchers noted problems with attempting to predict skin tone from the genetic model used. Additionally, the simple fact of the matter is that it would have been very bad for your health to have a very dark skin in a climate like Britain's in a time before imported fruit and vegetables or vitamin supplements. Even if Africans had arrived here at that time, their blood line would have died out within a few generations.

But, of course, the people behind the imposition of such nonsense on our children have no interest in facts or truth. They are white-hating, anti-British bigots, and the only way to keep children away from their poisonous lies is to keep them away from the System's 'brainwashing factories,  factories, formerly known as schools.


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