Priti Patel blasts lefty lawyers and celebs for keeping Jamaican killers & rapists in UK

PRITI Patel expressed her fury at lawyers for preventing the deportation of Jamaican criminals from the UK and accused "do-gooding" celebs of insulting Windrush victims.

The Home Secretary said it was "deeply offensive" to liken those unfairly caught up in the Windrush scandal to killers and rapists hoping to stay in Britain.

Her comments came after lawyers managed to keep 23 criminals - originally from Jamaica - in the UK.

They successfully filed last-minute legal challenges to block the offenders boarding a deportation flight.

More than 60 MPs, mostly from the Labour Party, had urged Priti Patel to abandon the flight, saying of those being deported: "Britain is their home."

And Labour backbencher Kim Johnson described the deportation as "obscene and irresponsible".

Meanwhile, a group of 82 celebrities including Naomi Campbell, Line of Duty star Thandie Newton and Bond actress Naomie Harris signed an open letter demanding the flight did not take off.

Their letter said many of the people onboard had lived in the UK since they were kids and could be descendants of the Windrush generation.

They also said they may have been forced to commit crimes while being trafficked.

In the letter, they wrote: "Until justice has been delivered for all Commonwealth Windrush victims, any deportations to Commonwealth countries risk further unlawful removals of Windrush generation members or Windrush descendants who may have the right to remain in the UK but do not yet have the required paperwork."

But Miss Patel slammed their likening to Windrush, telling the Daily Mail: "The Windrush scandal is a stain on our country's history.

"That generation made an enormous contribution to our country and were wronged by successive governments.

"To see ill-informed Labour politicians and do-gooding celebrities attempting to conflate the victims of Windrush with these vile criminals set for deportation is not only misjudged and upsetting but deeply offensive."

Under the Windrush scandal, which broke in 2018, Caribbean migrants living legally in Britain were wrongly targeted by the Home Office for removal.

The Home Secretary said: "This Government will never stand in solidarity with rapists and murderers and we remain committed to removing these foreign criminals from our country.

"They have violated our laws and have no right to be here."

On Wednesday, 13 criminals were deported to Jamaica, while lawyers for another 23 managed to take them off the aircraft's passenger list.

It is understood 36 Jamaican criminals were notified five days before the flight that they would be deported and at that stage none had outstanding legal barriers to removal.

Source: The Sun

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