Outrage as Danish TV launches children’s cartoon about giant penis

Denmark’s national broadcaster has released a children’s cartoon about a man with the world’s longest penis.

The children’s series, which is aimed at children as young as four, focuses on the fictional life of John Dillermand (“Diller” is the Danish word for “penis”).

The lyrics of the show’s opening title reads: “He has the world’s longest pee-pee. There’s almost nothing he can’t do with it. He has the world’s longest pee-pee. He swings it around; he can get a little embarrassed. He can save the world if he’s allowed.”

The main character uses his giant penis for everyday tasks despite encountering many problems. The first episode sees Dillermand getting his penis caught in balloons which whisk him off his feet and over the city.

DR, the Danish public broadcaster, defended the cartoon, insisting it was designed to put children at ease about their bodies.

“We think it’s important to be able to tell stories about bodies,’ DR posted on Facebook.

“In the series, we recognise young children’s growing curiosity about their bodies and genitals, as well as embarrassment and pleasure in the body.”

Danish People’s Party politician Morten Messerschmidt said children should not be forced to watch a cartoon depiction of an adult man’s genitalia, whilst parents took to the DR Children’s page on Facebook to express their outrage at the cartoon.

DR later told CNN that the the first episode had been a huge success, with some 200,000 people viewing the programme.

“In Denmark it is now a huge success, and the children are watching it in big numbers,” a spokeswoman said.

Despite being given many positive reviews in major media outlets, child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa told TODAY that the show risked sexualising children at an unacceptably young age.

“Children’s television has a unique opportunity — and therefore responsibility — to shape the thinking of a generation about who they can be and what they can accomplish,” Gilboa said.

“This is, at best, a wasted opportunity. It is, for the majority of kids who will see it, a confusing, unnecessarily sexualizing message about boy bodies. Even worse, for a percentage of kids this will speed their genital exploration ahead of their cognitive development in ways that can be damaging.”

DR is funded using a TV license, and was a founding member of the European Broadcasting Union. It is Denmarks oldest and best-known broadcaster.

Source: Gript

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