17.4 million Brits voted for Brexit, overwhelmingly in the belief that it would allow the Tory government to "retake control of our borders". But look at the luxury accommodation now being lined up for the latest wave of uninvited  'refugees'. When pictures like this get sent back home by gloating 'refugees', do you think this will help 'control' the flood - or just encourage even more to join the stealth invasion?

Channel migrants are set to be put up on cruise ships for the first time, under Rishi Sunak's plan for tackling the crisis.

The Home Office is expecting to house around 1,000 arrivals aboard two vessels - likely to be moored in Merseyside and potentially Teesside - one of the most deprived parts of England.

The names of the ships, and the locations, are being kept closely under wraps. However, the MS Victoria has been used for temporary accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in Scotland, and is due to be available in the coming weeks as they are moved into newly available flats. 

It will be the first time Channel arrivals have been placed on cruise ships.

The MS Victoria has been moored at Leith, Edinburgh, but will reportedly be free from mid-July. 

It has a cinema, entertainment stage and luxury cabins and dining facilities. 

In a speech at Dover on Monday Mr Sunak said: 'To reduce pressures on local communities, we'll also house people on ships.

'The first will arrive in Portland in the next fortnight.

'And we've secured another two today that will accommodate another 1,000.' 

No such vessel has ever been chartered to house homeless ex-service veterans, not even in the coldest of winters. "Keep paying your taxes!"