"NO" to 'Climate Reparations!

Throwing our money away like confetti! Rish Sunak announced a new package of climate finance measures at various side events during the COP 27 climate summit.

He announced a tripling of funding for 'climate adaptation', from £500m in 2019 to £1.5bn in 2025, as part of a broader commitment of spending £11.6bn on international climate finance.

Sunak also announced a new £90m funding package, to support protection and conservation in the Congo Basin, a critical hotspot for global biodiversity that is home to around 10,000 species of tropical plants.

On top of that, the UK will also commit £65m to the Nature, People and Climate Investment Fund to support indigenous and local forest communities. An undisclosed sum will also be provided to Treevive, an initiative aimed at conserving and restoring two million hectares of tropical forest.

The vast hand-out sets the scene for future UK involvement in Communist-style global redistribution of wealth through so-called 'climate reparations'. Climate militants are demanding that First World taxpayers hand TRILLIONS of pounds to the Third World.

Yet again, the eco-warriors and the liberal elite are drastically out of touch with ordinary people, who are struggling with the energy crisis and austerity. In a poll of 3,900 people, a staggering 98 per cent said that no money should be handed over to developing countries hit by global warming.

Just 2 per cent voted in favour of paying reparations. And you can bet your life that they were snowflake students who don't pay taxes!

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