No Return to Mask Tyranny!

They're at it again! So-called 'health experts' in both the UK and the USA are using predictable and routine mutations of the Covid flu/cold virus as the excuse for a new round of fear-mongering and demands for a reutrn to mask mandates.

Two new strains, one dubbed Eris and the other BA.6, are being touted as threats. Eris is already widespread, causing coughs and sniffles in large numbers of people around the world. BA.6, on the other hand, has only officially been detected in Israel and Denmark, but several scientists have said it will start showing up in tests in Britain and America 'very soon'.

Big Pharma and Big Government are of course desperate to get us all back to mask wearing, lockdowns and a new wave of mass vaccinations, but the public are now rightly extremely suspicious of the whole dangerous farce. Take-up of the current voluntary vaccine is very low, with the steady stream of "died suddenly" incidents seeping into the consciousness of all but the most stupid and trusting clot-shot enthusiasts.

But the amount of money and power that a revived 'pandemic' offers the political and medical elites is so great that we can be sure that they'll do it all over again if they think they can get away with it. The only thing that can stop them is a clear, determined and militant response from the public to ANY move back to Covid tyranny. 

To give just one example: If you see a business premises displaying a pro-mask sign, don't just walk on by. Give up ten minutes of your time to stand outside the front door and stop every customer about to walk in. Urge them to take their money somewhere else. Tell them how dangerous masks are to health and especially to the mental development of young children. Tell them that masks go together with clot-creating, heart-destroying vaccines, and that if they accept one they'll be forced to get the other.

You'll find almost none of them will enter the shop, and ten minutes with no customers will have the shopkeeper reeling and begging you to stop. Tell them to get the mask sign down. you could even point out that not everyone is as tolerant of plandemic collaboration as you are are. When you next go past, the odds are that the sign will have vanished.

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