Nigel Farage Denied Bank Accounts - Welcome to the Club!

Nigel Farage has been kicked out of his bank and found that he is blacklisted by all other UK banks. Lawrence Fox is complaining about the same thing, as are all sorts of liberal, pro-feminist types who have criticised the trans men claiming to be women.

Do we feel sorry for them? Well, of course it's wrong, and dangerous. But it was wrong and dangerous when it was done to Nick Griffin and the British National Party more than 20 years ago. It was wrong when it was done to me and to other critics of Islamification more recently. And not one of the new crop of victims said a word about it then!

So, no, sorry, our sympathy tank is quite empty when it comes to Nigel and Co. If they had spoken out against this deplatforming of politically correct individuals when it started, they might have stopped it before they became the victims too. But for reasons of cowardice and opportunism, they stayed silent.

What goes around comes around!

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