More Syrian Terrorists Heading This Way!


More 'refugees' straight from the Islamist terror stronghold of Idlib are on their way to Britain and other Soft Touch northern European countries. Dramatic footage circulating online shows long lines of young, military-aged Middle Eastern men hurrying through Greece, Skopie and Serbia.

Serbian patriots have told us that the influx started suddenly a month ago, with the numbers now pouring through being at least as many as during the Merkel invasion of 2014. They also say that the demeanour and movements of the men make it very clear that they have military training.

No-one knows for sure why the influx has started up again, but it seems likely to be closely connected to the peace talks between Syria, Turkey and Russia, and the decision of a number of Arab states to normalise relations with the Assad government and to stop backing the Islamists still holed up in Idlib province.

Syrian government and Russian forces are now pounding the Al Qaeda and ISIS militants who are holding out there, but it seems that many thousands took advantage of some behind the scenes agreement to allow them to evacuate their positions and retreat to the EU and UK. This all makes the Sunak regime's complete loss of control over our borders even more dangerous. It won't end well!

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