More Brits Believe 'Great Replacement' Theory

A recent poll conducted by King’s College London has revealed a noteworthy trend in the United Kingdom’s public sentiment, indicating a growing acceptance of the “Great Replacement” theory.

The survey - which described the idea of the Great Replacement as a 'conspiracy theory' - involved 2,274 UK adults aged 18 and above. 32% of respondents believe in the theory’s validity, demonstrating a significant shift in public perception.

The question asked was: “The ‘great replacement theory’ – the idea that white Americans and Europeans are being replaced by non-white immigrants – is happening?” The range of responses provided a fascinating insight into the evolving mindset of the British public.

Encouragingly a substantial 12% of respondents confidently asserted that the theory was “Definitely true.” An additional 20% leaned towards acceptance, categorising it as “Probably true.”

The poll also reported a significant 19% of respondents who remained in the “Don’t know” category, suggesting that a sizeable portion of the British public is open to considering the theory’s merits and legitimacy.

These findings tell us that nearly one-third of the British public are prepared to admit to either believing in or leaning towards the acceptance of the “Great Replacement” theory, a significant step away from conventional narratives.

While 19% of participants expressed scepticism by classifying the theory as “Probably false,” and 29% firmly dismissed it as “Definitely false,” the notable trend towards acceptance cannot be ignored, say the worried liberals behind the survey.

People are waking up!

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