MoD Threatens Soldiers' Families over Migrant Worries

Politically Correct Army bosses are trying to bully squaddies' wives into staying silent about worries about asylum-seekers hqnging about around play areas and schools. The MoD bigwigs have launched a stinging attack on families who raised concerns over the relocation of Afghan refugees on to military estates.

Soldiers' wives living in service accommodation in Wiltshire complained after Afghans were reportedly seen taking pictures of their children.

The alarmed women at Larkhill, Wiltshire, said they felt unsafe and argued the Afghans' behaviour, "although likely to be innocent in motive", raises safeguarding issues.

Although the social media group chat posts were sympathetic rather than inflammatory, the Ministry of Defence has threatened troops and civilian staff with disciplinary action should they complain publicly again.

On behalf of the commanding officer of 8th Battalion, the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, which is based at Larkhill, Captain S. Ratcliffe added a document to the battalion's Part One Orders – which troops and civilian workers must obey or face disciplinary action – 'about social media use and acceptable behaviour'.

About 40 Afghan families recently moved into empty Larkhill properties as part of the Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy. They have been granted refuge as they face reprisals from the Taliban for working with British forces in Afghanistan, in roles such as translators and drivers.

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