Mega Donors BUY Starmer's Labour

Keir Starmer is now a racing certainty to be Britain's next Prime Minister, and that means that three giant donors will dominate UK politics from behind the scenes.

Labour is on course to have a massive £35million campaign war chest this year, with much of the funds coming from just three 'mega donors'.

The looming general election will be the most expensive ever after the Government increased the amount each political party can raise. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is already on course to rake in more before polling day is announced than the £12million his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn raised in 2019.

Much of the funding will come from just three wealthy businessmen.

Dale Vince, founder of green energy firm Ecotricity and a former backer of Just Stop Oil, has given £1.5million to Labour in the past decade and is expected to donate up to £5million this year.

He said the general election is 'the most important of our lifetimes' and wants to bring in 'the greenest government we have ever had'. Let us translate this into plain English: A man whose business relies on climate alarmism and on politicians making disastrous changes to our energy industry is going to call the shots on energy policy. We'll pay through the nose as a result!

Meanwhile, Gary Lubner, who made his fortune with the company behind Autoglass, is also expected to give £5million by polling day.

He said he is 'disenchanted' with the Tories and believes Brexit is the 'biggest own goal ever'. So the Europhile Starmer will also be a puppet for a billionaire who wants to reverse Brexit.

The third mega donor is Lord Sainsbury of Turville, who gave millions to Labour under the Blair and Brown years and has restarted funding since Starmer took over in 2020.

He has already given Labour £5million since late 2022, according to the Electoral Commission.

Lubner and Sainsbury are both fanatically pro-Israel, so two of the three billionaires pulling Starmer's strings want to see Britain dragged into war on behalf of the Zionist state.

If you think the Tories are bad, just wait until we're ruled by Starmer and Co!

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