Loving Parents Face Jail Over Trans Kids

Scottish parents who refuse to allow their children to change their gender could be jailed under controversial plans to ban conversion therapy in Scotland. 

The SNP government wants to introduce new laws which would make it illegal try and force an individual to suppress or change their sexual orientation and gender identity through any 'conversion practices'. 

But critics claim the move could result in parents being imprisoned for up to seven years for refusing to let their child pretend to change gender and get themselves chemically and surgically mutilated.

The Catholic church argued the plans could have 'a chilling effect' on free speech and highlighted that the 'worrying lack of clarity' about the term 'conversion practices' could 'criminalise' advice given to children 'in good faith'. 

Marion Calder, director of campaign group For Women Scotland, said: 'We have grave concerns that these plans will criminalise loving parents, who could face years in jail simply for refusing to sign up to the gender ideology cult.'

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