Looting Is The New Shopping

Looting as shopping by a certain 'ethnic minority' has already spread from the USA to Britain, but if the latest developments in California are anything to go by, there's plenty more on the way.

A Los Angeles Nike store was hit at the weekend by a pack of thieves who stuffed merchandise into trash bags and took off just days after an area Nordstrom was targeted similarly. 

Video posted Sunday on the Citizen App shows the shocking robbery at the crowded Nike Community Store on Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles. The incident is just the latest in a string of similar events where a group of thieves ransacks a store, overwhelming employees and getting away with thousands. 

Around the same time on Saturday, a mob struck the Topanga Westfield Nordstrom, smashing and grabbing some $100,000 from cases near the store's entrance. 

The Nordstrom robbery was the second occurrence of its kind within a week. 

The mass lootings in the USA are encouraged by liberal changes to the law which have drastically downgraded the felony status of shoplifting. In the UK, the spread of the phenomenon is more closely related to the "monkey see, monkey do" impact of social media coverage, but here too the miscreants know that they only face a slap on the wrist if caught and prosecuted.

The threatened rapid spread of such criminality poses another threat to Britain's high streets, with many shops already struggling to survive fierce competition from online retailers and sky high business rates, Just another of the many ways in which our country is being changed before our very eyes - and not for the better!

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