Liberals Ignore The Elephant in the Room

The case of a horrific rape, perpetrated on a London tube train in front of passengers who did nothing to help has got leftists and feminists agitated. 

The attacker boarded a Piccadilly Line train at Heathrow Terminal Five and approached a young woman who was asleep.

He sexually assaulted and then raped the 20-year-old in front of other passengers.

A French national travelling with his 11-year-old son witnessed the attack and reported it to the police.

Ryan Johnston, 37, was sentenced at Inner London Crown Court to nine years in prison, with a further five on licence, the Crown Prosecution Service.

Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff summed up the liberal response:

"Something about this story, which unfolded in the space of just two tube stops, punches through all women’s comforting illusions about when and how we are safe. It has spread like wildfire through female WhatsApp groups, prompting questions about how on earth it could have happened: how could anyone not intervene in a rape unfolding in front of them?"

Typically, she ignores the gigantic black and brown elephant in the room. First, because - despite his Irish-sounding first name and Scottish surname - Ryan Johnson is most definitely not indigenous British. Second, because every white man in the country knows that to take any sort of action against any "man of colour" is to risk not only the possibility (frighteningly strong in London) that he may be carrying a knife, but also being accused of - and persecuted for - 'racism'.

Hinscliff is right, the streets of London are no longer safe for women. But to complain about it while championing continued mass immigration is ridiculous. "Import the Third World - become the Third World".

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