Labour MPs say they BACK far-left union Rail Strikes

Labour frontbenchers Wes Streeting and Lisa Nandy have publicly declared their support for the proposed rail-strikes organised by extreme-left Unions.

Britain's unions have vowed to bring the country to a standstill in a 'summer of discontent' not seen since the 1926 General Strike with railway and London Underground workers set to be bolstered by 155,000 comrades at airports, Royal Mail and BT. More than 1million council workers and teachers could strike in the Autumn.   

Earlier this week, Lisa Nandy(pictured below), Labour's levelling up spokesman, said her party was 'on the rail workers' side'.

Labour's Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary, Wes Streeting has confirmed he is also behind the 50,000 RMT members who plan to shut down Britain's railways and Tube network at the end of June.

Speaking on the BBC's Question Time Streeting (pictured below) said: 'Put it this way, if I was a member of the RMT and my job was at risk like this, then I would be voting to go on strike'.

Many rail workers' average salaries have increased beyond that of those in nursing, teaching, firefighting and policing.

Figures released by the Department for Transport showed that last year the median salary of rail workers was £44,000, about 70 per cent above the national average of £26,000.

The median refers to the midpoint of a range of numbers ordered from smallest to largest. In comparison, nurses earned £31,000, teachers £37,000 and care workers £17,000.

Salaries for train drivers are an average of £54,000-a-year, according to Glassdoor, which collates data from staff. Trainees begin on around £25,000, which doubles when they qualify. The most experienced drivers can earn £70,000 before overtime with some operators. 

The militant RMT union barons causing chaos for commuters are spearheaded by union leader Mick Lynch (pictured above), who once sighed 'All I want from life is a bit of socialism' - and now collects a salary of £84,174. 

His total remuneration package is reportedly more than £124,000-a-year and he lived in a terraced house in Ealing worth approaching £1million.

Lynch has said he 'will not rest' until a 'just' agreement is reached in the latest strikes.


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