Khan's £123 Million Tax Waste

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has been accused of wasting £123million of taxpayer cash on 'misplaced priorities' during his time in City Hall in a new report compiled by the Tories.

The capital's Conservatives say that Khan, who will be seeking a third consecutive term as mayor in May's elections, is wasting millions on 'spin doctors, marketing and pointless initiatives'.

The cash was squandered on workshops, beach parties and drag acts while health inequalities between the city's poorest and wealthiest grew wider – and branded the growing divide a 'shocking failure' of his office.

 The waste includes:

  • £29.5m on additional staffing costs, a 57 per cent rise in Mayor's Office costs and a 33 per cent rise in press office spending
  • £10million on five-day workshops for some 10,000 Met Police officers and staff, which included a test to 'determine the colour' of their personalities
  • Almost £1million on 'beach parties'
  • £19,000 on a project encouraging Londoners to 'listen like bats'
  • £70,000 on a drag act called 'Duckie Loves Fanny', hosted by the city's night czar, Amy Lamé, whose salary has risen 40 per cent to £117,000 
  • £500,000's worth of free advertising for vaginal moisturising company Replens
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