Jayda Reports Bible-Ripping Hate Crime

Jayda Fransen has stepped up to defend the Bible after an LGBTQ outrage at the weekend's Belfast 'Pride' demonstration. Christianity is the ancient faith of our United Kingdom, yet it is under attack from every angle.
Christians of every denomination were shocked by footage of one of the Pride marchers ripping up a Bible while confronting a lay preacher who was speaking out against sodomy in a brave one-man stand for decency and tradition. On Monday morning, Jayda contacted Belfast police and reported the Bible desecration as a hate-crime.
"I explained why I consider this to be a hate crime and said this would NOT have been tolerated had it been a Quran.
"I also told them I believe this was pre-mediated act of anti-Christian hatred... why else would this man be carrying a Bible that he is willing to destroy in public?"
It will be very instructive to see if the police actually do their duty and take action that ends in prosecution, as it clearly should. If they do, all well and good. If they fail to do so, it will bring home to many more Christians the fact that our Faith is now discriminated against and disregarded by the Powers That Be. 
As Children of God, we are all called to stand our ground in the battle between God and His army of angels and the legions of demons led by Satan. Many are called, but these days very few answer. Jayda Fransen is one of those Few!
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