Jayda Fransen Live - The UK is back to Covid crazy

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  • Joseph Finnie
    commented 2020-11-20 23:54:57 +0000
  • Patriot Zeno
    commented 2020-09-23 23:13:28 +0100
    Great video as usual, Jayda Fransen! As an American citizen, I’m primarily concerned with the counter-globalist movement so have a more universalist attitude about the British Right which offers a lot of insights and is very worthy of study by us in the USA especially since there is no conflict in language although yours’ is of the more genteel form as the mother tongue! You Brits are the canary in the gold mine of Anglo-Saxon influenced civilization since what the globalists seek to do to us they seem to do to you first!
    Oh and we Americans have been scared into keeping an extra supply of toilet paper which we never did before the Maoist China’s COVID 19 on hand (I have a two weeks supply in a closet). Not having enough toilet paper is a symptom of the hysteria social media creates in folks who are encouraged to commit panic buying when A) stores don’t stock up on purpose knowing it allows them to charge more for lower quality product when folks perceive imminent shortage by half stocked shelves B) stores can’t get enough supply because producers favor online direct markets catering to wealthier, tech-savvy consumers favored by globalists like Amazon C) The domestic supply is less because of lack of domestic paper mills caused by globalist policies outsourcing production outside First World countries.
    Great paper! Wish you had an online access account and your editor, Nick Griffin might consider it since it would make sense for foreigners to look at it for the cost of postage! Nick Griffin as head of the BNP tried to do more to promote Rightist political action in the U.K. with success but strangely suffered the same fate in the BNP as Enoch Powell did in the Tories who if Anthony Eden had been allowed to stay as Prime Minister, who tried to revive the U.K. as its own World Power and crush Islamic-Arab nationalism at the same time during the Suez Crisis of 1956 would have probably ended up a Prime Minister over Edward Heath who damaged the Tories as a globalist plant! Nick Griffin was done in by the globalists who were inadvertently helped by Enoch Powell when he refused to join and take over the BNP in 1974 which never achieved its potential to end up a major Parliamentary Party that along with the Unionists could have held the wall better for the U.K. against globalist influence from my historical perspective under Powell.
    I respect the support Jayda Fransen gets from the Knights Templar re-enactment group. I was genuinely interested in them until they criticized me for not a very good reason. As a person interested in The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon of antiquity, you Brits should honor that historical Order as you are privileged to have http://www.templechurch.com which might have ended up its financial headquarters if its tragic last Grand Master, Jacques De Molay had only moved faster to move its liquid assets out of France to begin its last great Crusade to retake Cyprus and work with the Byzantines! As King Philip the Fair’s cousin, he wouldn’t believe that the King who owed the Templars money could betray him so! You Brits tried to be fair to the Templars more so than either the Pope or the French who made a dirty deal to steal their assets with the charge of Orthodox heresy that had its basis in the Order’s ancient Cistercian/Gallican roots that predated the Papal institution as it has come to be!
    For the Christian apologist, Jayda Fransen is it. Also, she has grafted onto the lineage of the Unionists who can trace their heritage to writer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_Grace_Waring and Enoch Powell who cast what was left of his political capitol with the Unionists who sustained him for many years until betrayed by Labour, the Tories were able to kill his political career which along with his old age and changing demographics of English society couldn’t run the race any more.
    As an outsider, I fail to see the point in Britain First working Northern Ireland that already has Jayda Fransen and its Unionists there but that is a symptom of the issue of division and vote splitting. From what I see that is what keeps the British Right from the real achievement of political influence whereby we Americans might be influenced in our own political philosophy that is pretty shallow as it runs the gamut of Classical Liberalism to Libertarianism which is economically great for the already well to do but holds little for those who aren’t!
  • Jayda Fransen
    published this page in Videos 2020-09-23 20:08:59 +0100
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