Jail WHOEVER Punched Him!

Whoever attacked poppy-selling Army veteran Jim Henderson in Waverley Station, Edinburgh, should be thrown into jail for the longest possible sentence. But don't rush to assume that it was Muslims.

While most Scots are big fans of the Armed Forces, there are plenty of far-left and virulently pro-IRA bigots in Scotland. Edinburgh's Hibernians and Glasgow Celtic in particular have massive followings of hardcore Irish Republicans. A giant Antifa banner was recently displayed at Celtic Park.

Many of these fans strongly support the Palestinians but, more important in this case, they also hate the British Army for its historic role in Northern Ireland, and they absolutely LOATHE the Parachute Regiment.

Jim Henderson MIGHT have been punched by some Humza Yousef look-alike, and the First Minister's notorious anti-white rant certainly will have encouraged anti-white racism among such people. But our money, if we had to be on it, is on the cowardly thugs responsible for attacking this 78-year-old patriot is that they were Republican Scots of Irish descent.

Whoever it was, though, they should throw away the key!


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