Is THIS Why the World Has Gone Mad? VIDEO

The world has gone made - at least the Western part has. We all know that's true, but the question remains - why?

It's not hard to find culprits who are clearly to blame for some of it. We regularly name and shame them in our podcasts and in our best-selling Dues Vult books (see the Templar Store). But is there another reason? Is the sheer unnaturalness of our society, with overcrowded, alienating cities and the never-ending stimulation of electronic media also driving us to self-destruct?

One far-sighted scientist created a Utopia for mice. With abundant food, comfortable living quarters and free from predators, the rodents should have lived happily ever after. But following several generations of sloth and ease, things started to go wrong. Horribly wrong! What happened, again and again, suggests that the collapse of our society is also now unavoidable.

Lord, have mercy!

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